Raquel Blanc is an artist and writer born and raised in Valencia.

Her photographs are clean, symmetrical and carefully thought out. She presents architectural and urban details with a fresh, colorful and youthful style. Her portraits are full of Mediterranean lightness with an uncanny sense of melancholy.

She started studying Photography in the summer of 2014 at the New York Institute of Photography. Self-proclaimed autodidact, she turned a curiosity for the audiovisual – formerly directing short films – into a quest to unravel her aesthetic through Photography.

In 2015 she participated in exhibitions in the cities of New York and London, at Photoville and The Photographers’ Gallery.

Her first interview as a photographer was in 2016 for EyeEm Magazine, a volume to celebrate women in the arts.

Last photographic project Paris 2017.

She started writing after the summer when she came back from Paris and has been published on magazines.

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